Friday, July 16, 2010

Smaller Footprint Farm - Yellow Springs

P.O. Box 722 
Yellow Springs, OH 45387  
Facebook: Smaller Footprint Farm

“Smaller Footprint” refers to our ecological footprint, a measure of how much our life choices impact the earth. We believe making choices to decrease our impact on the earth (reducing our footprint) can make the world a healthier, happier, and more sustainable place to live.

Owners, Kat Cline and Doug Christen, sell shares for their community supported agriculture project that  yields a variety of vegetables throughout the late spring, summer and early fall.
They grow over 30 different vegetables including heirloom varieties and culinary herbs.
 Members receive weekly boxes of food from June – October. In addition to fresh, local, certified naturally grown vegetables, members also receive a weekly newsletter and are welcome to a variety of farm events including farm tours.

One of the big reasons for their involvement in community-supported agriculture is to build community through the relationship between the grower and the consumer, both couples said. They want participants to come out to the farm and get acquainted with where their food comes from and how it gets from the ground and onto dinner plates.

“We’re trying to help create a healthy environment and a healthy community,” Cline said.

Buying food locally reduces the need for fuel consumption, and organic farming methods help reduce the chemical impact on local watersheds, she said. Foods grown organically have a higher nutrient content because the soils aren’t treated with chemicals and stripped of their minerals by being over-farmed. And local foods are more nutritious because they are allowed to mature before they are picked. Cline also likes knowing that buying local food helps put money back into the local economy.


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