Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Chef's Garden ~ Huron,OH

California can claim their wonderful wines but we have our own claims to fame with produce suppliers like The Chef Garden, who supplies the world's top chefs, restaurants and our own family kitchens!

The Chef's Garden is the leading grower of artisanal produce in the United States for the world's top chefs. The Chef's Garden began over 40 years ago at the Jones family farm in Huron, Ohio, selling products at nearby farmers' markets.

Over the years…The Chef's Garden philosophy has changed, emphasizing optimum nutrition and taste, rather than quantity. By utilizing the sustainable agriculture growing methods, the products are safe for the consumer, the community, and the environment. The Chef's Garden believes that rebuilding the soil naturally provides us with better-tasting, more nutritional products.Healthy soils, healthy crops, healthy people - that's the fundamental concept behind sustainable agriculture.

The Chef's Garden harvests to order - they do not keep an inventory of product - their  hand harvesting of each order results in intensity of flavor and premium shelf life, which will assist you in actually lowering your food cost and levels of waste. Each item is picked fresh and to the chef's specifications the morning of the order. Their goal is to have their product on your plate within 24 hours.

Visit their web site to learn more about The Chef's Garden. With over 600 varieties, they provide  the largest selection of  heirloom and specialty vegetables, micro greens, herbs and edible flowers available anywhere in the United States.

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