Sunday, July 18, 2010

Heirloom Beef Company

The owners of Heirloom Beef Company have dedicated their our lands to grass-based agriculture because it is the best way to produce food while improving and protecting the land. The grass holds the soil in place, gathers sunlight and moisture, and produces energy which is then harvested by cattle. The cattle return most of the nutrients to the land which is then used by the grass to grow more feed for the cattle - a cycle that continues through the ages.

Please visit their web site, it contains a wealth of information.

23173 St Rt 247
Seaman, OH 45679


Grass fed beef - By order

Their beef is exclusively from their own herd of Angus cows. The calves are raised on a total grass and forage diet. They are never implanted with hormones or given growth promoting antibiotics. The calves they market as grass-fed never receive grain or by-products of any kind.


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