Sunday, July 25, 2010

Buckeye Grove Farm ~ Beallsville,Ohio

Al and Renae Scheiderer                         
50543 Run Road
Twp. Rd. 141
Beallsville, Ohio 43716-9340


Cheese: Handmade in the European tradition, these grassland cheeses are made from unpasteurized whole Jersey milk. These artisanal cheeses were rated outstanding on  the web site.
Home to Registered Jersey Cattle and Grade “ A ” Raw Milk Cheeses

We are the 5th generation with the same cattle bloodlines. We milk intensive grazed, grassland, registered Jersey cows.  The barns are closed to visitors from November, to mid-April. All animals are bred and
raised on our farm. All of our milk products and facilities are licensed, tested, and inspected by the ODA and USDA, for public safety. We do not sell raw milk, only cheeses made from raw milk.

For more information about our cheeses please visit Buckeye Grove Farm Cheese at

In the Dayton Area their cheeses can be found at Dorothy Lane Market
Please remember that we are a SMALL FAMILY FARM. Absolutely, no smoking, alcohol, pets or unsupervised children. Don't forget your camera as there is lots of wildlife in the area and breathtaking scenery. Our area is at the top of the US Scenic Roads list and only 20 minutes from the Wayne National Forest and the Ohio River.

We make authentic Farmstead-Artisan Raw Milk Cheese from Grade A Milk from our Registered Jersey Cows right here on our farm in Ohio, which give the richest milk of any breed!

What does that mean?
Raw Milk Cheese- milk not heated prior to coagulation. After coagulation, the curds and whey (which are no longer milk) are cooked to whatever temperature that is required for whichever recipe that is being made.

*Farmstead- cheese made solely from milk produced on the same farm.

*Artisan-cheese produced primarily by hand, in small batches, with particular attention paid to the tradition of the cheesemakers art, using as little mechanization as possible in the production of the cheese.

Very few cheesemakers are both Farmstead and Artisan, and we are proud to be doing both!

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