Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hungry Toad Organic Farm - Centerville, OH

Hungry Toad Farm, formerly known as, Little Creek Gardens, can be found at the PNC 2nd Street Market in the warm months and at the Centerville Market.

Products:Certified organic produce, flowers, herbs, plants. Seasonal (Warm Months).

From Michael's site -
"I am a Certified Organic Grower (OEFFA) of produce, cut flowers, herbs, and plants. I have been growing organically here for 30 years. I have been certified organic since the inception of the National Organic Program in 2001.

Suburbia is encroaching on all sides here, but this has been a small farm for over 150 years and I maintain an island of sound productivity and sustainability in the midst of it -- for our benefit and for that of our neighbors.

I grow a very wide variety of produce which includes hardneck garlic, special potatoes, bramble fruits, celery, and other not-so-common crops. I specialize in greens, salad mixes, cut flowers, and heirloom and hard to find crops."
Farm Stand

The farm stand goes up in front of the house (9498 Clyo) when Tomatoes are ready.  He puts tomatoes, peppers and other sturdy vegetables out for self-serve customers. The farm drive (CSA pickup site) is just around the corner at: 9307 Rooks Rd. Centerville, Ohio

Hungry Toad Organic Farm
Michael Malone
9307 Rooks Road
Centerville, Ohio 45458

Phone: (937) 689-5910           

PNC 2nd Street Market
Saturday 8 am - 3 pm
Seasonal (Warm Months)

Centerville market, Thursdays 1-6 (May- Oct)


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