Thursday, July 15, 2010

Running Bare Ranch

Since 2001, Dan Accurso and his wife, Debi, operate an organic bison ranch near the Clark County Fairgrounds. who has sold organic bison meat for years, talks easily about Running Bare Ranch, which he and his wife Debi operate near the Clark County Fairgrounds.  Accurso began breeding in 2001 and now has 28 head of bison raised totally naturally on filtered well water without herbicide, pesticide or growth hormone. Committed to sustainable agriculture, he believes bison are the healthiest for consumption because humans have not interfered with their genetic code by overbreeding them.

Running Bare sells ground bison meat, steaks, roasts, sausage and jerky, as well as organic, free range chicken and duck eggs, which Accurso raises as a natural fly, mosquito, tick and pest control on his farm.

Running Bare Ranch

5656 Fletcher Chapel Road
Springfield, OH 45502-9395 map

(937) 325-9455


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