Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dry Creek Valley Farm ~ Granville,OH

Tom and Judy Maxwell
2562 Dry Creek Road NW
Granville OH 43023
(740) 587-2273                              


Dry Creek Valley Farm is located in central Ohio, 30 miles east of Columbus.
They offer grass fed and finished beef from their herd of Red Angus cows. The calves they market receive nothing but grass and grass hay in the winter. No grain, no hormones or antibiotics at any time. We market the calves in the spring and fall at the end of the best grass growth. This is when the calves are gaining well and will marble for a great eating experience. They sell whole, halves or split halves cut to your specifications.
The entire farm was converted to grass in 1996. The cattle are rotated through 29 paddocks for a fresh salad bar every day. They are not certified organic, but there have been no chemicals of any kind or fertilizer applied for over seven years.
We were selected for Conservationist of the Year in Licking County in 2004 and the farm became a Century Farm in 2006.
Visitors are welcome. Please call ahead. 


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