Sunday, August 1, 2010

Charlie's Gourmet Garlic Farm ~ Hudson,OH

Purveyors of the finest all-natural garlic

Charlie's Gourmet Garlic Farm

2268 Middleton Road

Hudson, OH 44236
 We grow our garlic the natual way without pesticides or chemicals
About the Farm  

We operate our family-owned farm in the beautiful, historic town of Hudson, Ohio. We've farmed our land for more than thirty years, using organic methods learned from our parents and grandparents.

We grow and sell a dozen types of gourmet garlic, including hardneck and softneck varieties that range from mild to fiery.


No chemicals of any kind are used in growing their garlic. Each clove is carefully planted by hand in rich organic soil and harvested at its peak to ensure teh outstanding flavor that comes form quality gourmet garlic.  Be sure to try each strain as each has its own unique taste and personality.



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