Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ohio Organic Family Farms ~ Utica,OH

Milkmen Manufacturing  
P.O.Box 646
Utica, OH 43080

2nd Phone: 614-937-6030

MILKMEN MANUFACTURING is a manufacturer and distributor of 100% organic grass fed dairy products ,utilizing milk and cream from small family farms in ohio. sold under the brand name OHIO ORGANIC FAMILY FARMS.  Milkmen Manufacturing is also planning on manufacturing and distributing allegy free pasta products for kids , organic cultured dairy products and other products packed with flavor and nutrition.

Ohio Organic Family Farm's organic grass-fed dairy products are made from milk that comes from local small sustainable organic farms in Ohio

Ohio Organic Family Farm is the only dairy in Ohio bottling organic milk.It is a  local, independent  organic milk processing plant located in Utica, OH. Their milk comes from small independent organic grass-fed dairy farms in Ohio.

Products: Whipped cream, half and half, cottage cheese, creme fraiche and sour cream

They distribute in the Columbus area.

USDA Certified
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