Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blue Rock Station - Earthship - Philo,OH

Blue Rock Station
1190 Virginia Ridge Rd
Philo Ohio  43771


I know this video is too wide for my blog but I think it's easier to include it so you can easily watch it.

Visit Blue Rock Station to get ideas on how to create a sustainable living way of life, or just to marvel at the various construction techniques.  Tour the 2,200 square foot house, currently under construction that utilizes tires, cans, old barn wood, bottles and mud to form a home heated by the sun, earth and wood. 

What will you see and do?
The guided tour of Blue Rock Station takes somewhere between an hour and 90 minutes (depending on how many questions you have).  During open hours, tours start about once an hour.  

The Earthship - a 2,200 sq. ft. home made of tires, cans, bottles, salvaged lumber, mud, sand, sweat and tears.  Annie & Jay will explain the various construction techniques and how the building uses the earth and sun to provide a comfortable place to live.


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